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LabQuest Expertise

The main expertise of LabQuest is brought in by Dick van den Berg. He has more than 25 years of working experience, both in Research- and in Test-laboratories. Through the different positions in various laboratories, from technician in a Research lab to manager of a Test-laboratory, he knows the laboratory in all its aspects. His technical expertise is in the field of microbiology.

"The knowledge, experience and motivation of the people working in the lab form the real basis of a good laboratory. The working processes are supportive and can differ per lab. Efficiency can only be reached  when both people and processes are tuned..."


Curriculum vitae:

Dick van den Berg Dick van den Berg is born on the 8th of February 1963 in Delft, The Netherlands. He got his bachelor degree in Biotechnology in 1986 and has worked for some years as junior researcher at the Kluyver Laboratory at the Technical University Delft. In 1990 he graduated for his MSc (Chemistry) at the University of Leiden and in 1996 he got his PhD on the subject "Production of exo-polysaccharides by Lactobacillus sake". This research project was carried out at the Unilever research Laboratory in Vlaardingen, NL.

After his PhD he worked for 2 years as projectleader at TNO (Food and Nutrition) and subsequently for 2 years as accountmanager and teamleader responsible for applied biotechnology at NIZO food research. In the year 2000 he started as senior microbiologist at the "Netherlands Controlling Authority for Milk and Milk-products (COKZ)". After 2 years he became head of the department of microbiology and in 2006 he moved up to the position of head/manager of the whole COKZ laboratory, both the microbiological lab and the two chemical departments (ca. 60 fte in  total).

In April 2008 he started LabQuest and he now works as an independent advisor/consultant for the laboratory branche.

Other related  activities:

Besides his daily work Dick van den Berg is also actively involved in standardization of microbiological methods of analysis, both national and international.
  • Member of the National Standardization Committee (NEN) on Microbiology (Committee 370 009)
  • Chair of the National Standardization Committee (NEN) on Dairy Microbiology (Committee 370 00902)
  • Member of the National Standardization Committee (NEN) on Milk and Dairy products (Committee 370 005)
  • Member of the ISO/IDF "Standing Committee on Harmonization of Microbiological Methods (SCHMM)"
  • Member of the ISO/IDF "Standing Committee on Analytical Methods for Dairy Microorganisms (SCAMDM)”
  • Co author "Microbiologie van voedingsmiddelen - methoden, principes en criteria".


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